TNG Technology Consulting GmbH


Barcharts for Jira

Display a generic bar chart on your dashboard

Configuration Cleaner for Jira

A CLEAN and OPTIMIZED Jira instance. Long for it no longer! - Configuration Cleaner for Jira

Custom Content for Jira

Include web pages and images on your dashboard

Issue Printer for Jira

Print your issues for your agile wallboard - use the full power and freedom of HTML and CSS to design custom templates

Multivote & Enterprise Survey for Confluence

Polls, votes and surveys - make quick decisions with your team, organize event participation and collect opinions of all employees

Next Generation Translator for Confluence

The Next Generation Translator for Confluence translates pages instantly

Page Gardener Companion for Confluence

Track and maintain the life cycle of your Confluence pages

Page Permission Panel for Confluence

Page Permission Panel for Confluence allows you to easily show you who has access to the page you are viewing

PDF Macros for Confluence

Easily customize your PDF exports with an entire set of macros

Rotate Images for Confluence

Rotate images directly in the Confluence editor and save them as new version

Table Enhancer for Confluence

Get enhancements for your tables such as row numbers, initial sorting and showing a total line

User Switcher for Jira

Quickly change users to test workflows or give support

Webfonts for Confluence

Import and use webfonts directly in your Confluence

Workflow Enhancer for Jira

Enhance your workflow validators, conditions and post functions by a wide range of comparisons with field values