Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the Next Generation Translator for Confluence app which is provided by TNG Technology Consulting GmbH on

The app is installed on the customer's Atlassian Server or Data Center instance. Therefore our apps store all data in the respective Atlassian application on your IT system. We do not get access to any information stored in your system when you install the app.

If using your own translation backend:

There is no data from your system transmitted to us or to any third party.

If using TNG’s translation backend during app evaluation:

Data, such as pages, blog posts, and comments in text form, is transferred to TNG’s translation backend. TNG’s backend processes the transmitted data to achieve a translation of the content and data might be stored temporarily while a translation is being processed. No data from your Confluence instance will be stored permanently by TNG and the texts may only be used for the purpose of translating them and returning the resulting translations. Usage statistics for the Cognito user provided to you might be stored in a database. This data will however never include any of the translation texts sent to us. TNG’s backend uses AWS infrastructure in eu-central-1 availability zone.

Customer Support

If you have problems or questions related to our apps you might contact us. We might need some diagnostic information to enable us to give you the required support. The data is only used to analyze and solve your problem.

Email Contact

The Atlassian Marketplace provides contact data if you install or evaluate our paid apps. We might use them to contact you with relevant information. If you do not want this, please contact

Feedback Forms

We provide a feedback form in some of our apps. If you send feedback to us through this form, we will receive the provided information.